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Firesign Theatre: Just Folks...At The Roxy

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• In 1997, Entertainment Weekly ranked the Firesign Theatre among the “Thirty Greatest Comedy Acts of All Time.”
• In 2005, the US Library of Congress added one of the group’s most popular early albums, the 1970 Don’t Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers, to the National Recording Registry.

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Surreal comedy: could there possibly be a better term to describe and define The Firesign Theatre? Their first manifestation occurred on November 17, 1966 on KPFK FM followed by appearances on KRLA (an AM station) and legendary rock station KMET FM through February, 1969. They produced more than a dozen albums for Columbia Records up to 1976, including “Don’t Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers” and “I Think We’re All Bozos on This Bus” as well as creating indelible characters like Nick Danger, Rocky Rococo, Mudhead, and George Tirebiter (named after the original USC canine mascot).
Firesign Theatre was Peter Bergman, Philip Proctor, Phil Austin and David Ossman, with Bergman and Austin having departed this mortal coil for greener pastures. Their creativity knew no bounds, their fans are legion, their irreverence unmatched; and Proctor and Ossman continue to shine bright lights on the absurd while remaining purveyors of insight into the preposterous aspects of life in the 21st century.
In addition to the “Just Folks Live at the Roxy”, recorded February 23, 1977, where Firesign offers a wild foray into a variety of subjects and characters, the DVD special features include a lengthy interview conducted by David Susskind from May 21, 1974, an appearance on “Midday With Bill Boggs” from April 3, 1981 and a short performance from the 15th Anniversary Tour in April, 1981.
Sit back with your eyes wide shut and open your mind to the absurdist surrealism and satire of the Firesign Theatre, LIVE.