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SVT: The Price of Sex

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Unique video compilation of SVT's self-produced music videos.

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Our world changed forever starting August 1, 1981 when MTV played their first music video. It seemed every band was rushing into this new media, creating visual stories to match their songs. Some were slick, well produced, high ticker productions subsidized by the big labels. Some like those here, were created by passionate, creative artists who just wanted to reach their excited fans, and grow their audience using artistic, unique imagery.


  1. Last Word
  2. Price of Sex
  3. Modern Living
  4. I Walk the Line
  5. Heart of STone
  6. Rock Reich
  7. You Don't Rock
  8. Come On Everybody
  9. How Could You Ever

Band Members:
Brian Marnell-guitar and vocals
Nick Buck-keyboards and vocals
Paul Zahl-drums and vocals
Jack Casady-bass