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Scott McCarl was a member of the legendary musical group, The Raspberries.




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  1. I’ll Be On My Way (1995)
  2. I Hope (1970)
  3. Wait A Minute Girl (1996)
  4. Fallin’ In Lovin’ (1996)
  5. In Love Without A Girl (1996)
  6. I Think About You (1981)
  7. Don’t Wanna Go (1981)
  8. Go Down Swingin’ (1995)
  9. Run For The Sun (1995)
  10. Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying (1996)
  11. Doin’ It Right (2021)
  12. Suspicious (1984)
  13. Like Nobody Can (2021)

I looked back over these songs of mine today, both older and newer, and I realized what a joy it is to me, this far down the road, that music like this is still loved by so many — man, that is a neat feeling. Simple melodies with ringing guitars and a bit of nice harmony have proved to be timeless. Wonderful, and just as it should be. I had a good time recording them all, and met many cool people. Thanks for listening, have fun!