Robocop, The Series: Blu-ray 5-Disc Set

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Police office Alex Murphy is badly wounded in the line of duty while his female partner, Lisa Madigan, watches in terror. In order to save his life, doctors combine what’s left of his body with cutting edge robotics to create the ultimate law office—Robocop.






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Disc 1

1 . The Future of Law Enforcement
(Director: Paul Lynch. Writers: Michael Miner, Ed Neumeir.)
RoboCop and Office Lisa Madigan uncover a deadly conspiracy between insane genius Dr. Cray Mallardo and ruthless OCP executive Chip Chayken to create Neuro-Net, a computer linked to a human brain designed to run the entire city. The hitch: finding a brain capable of the doing the job.

2 . Prime Suspect
(Director: Paul Shapiro. Writer: Link Kibbee.)
Corrupt TV evangelist Reverend Bob Taker launches an anti-RoboCop campaign, call the cyborg a “tool of Satan.” When Taker is mysteriously murdered, the evidence points to RoboCop. Mayor Friendly, whom RoboCop has caught taking bribes from notorious Old Detroit underworld boss, Vlad “Stitch” Molotov, orders the law enforcement cyborg shut down.

Disc 2

1. Trouble in Delta City
(Director: Paul Lynch. Writer: William Gray.)
NoGain is the hottest new diet product on the market, a sure-fire winner for OCP. OCP vice president Kevin Frosh, acquired the secret formula from evil genius Dr. Mallardo. Delta City becomes addicted to NoGain, including Office Madigan.

2. Officer Missing
(Director: Paul Lynch. Writer: Robert Hopkins.)
To provide much needed power to Delta City, OCP decides to institute the “Big Switch,” turning off the lights every night in Old Detroit. Roving street gang, The Stompers, takeover raiding the city of loot and old copper wiring (now priced at $462/ounce).

3. What Money Can’t Buy
(Director: Mike Vejar. Writer: Aubrey Solomon.)
With hours to spare, RoboCop must find who’s responsible for stealing a pair of life-saving human lungs that will save a young Josh’s life, to sell on the black market.

4. Ghosts of War
(Director: Alan J. Levi. Writer: John Sheppard.)
When a band of mentally unstable war veterans steals a top secret weapon and lays siege to OCP Public Works, RoboCop must race against time to save Diane from destruction.

5. Zone Five
(Director: Tim Blind. Writers: Ted Harris, Blazes Boylan.)
Delta City is rocked by an epidemic of FUN, a drug that erases all feelings of conscience and guilt. The OCP turns over Old Detroit’s notorious Zone Five to Cap Crew, a vigilantes street gang led by ex-convict Albert Deloreo. Both police and RoboCop are forbidden to cross into Zone Five.

Disc 3

1. Provision 22
(Director: Allan J. Levi. Writer: Rob Gilmer.)
OCP privatizes the welfare system, and makes it illegal to work while receiving relief. Nancy Murphy leads a group of jobless people to protest the decision, and thus becomes a target of ruthless executives who’ll stop at nothing to silence her.

2. Faces of Eve
(Director: Paul Lynch. Writer: John Considine.)
Villainous psychopath Pudface Morgan and his gang use OCP’s latest cosmetic product, EVE to unleash a crime wave, baffling RoboCop and the police by using EVE to alter their physical appearances at will.

3. When Justice Fails
(Director: Mike Vejar. Writer: Simon Muntner.)
High-profile corporate raider Tori Tolin buys the company that manufacturers rocket fuel used to launch OCP Space-Tram. Last time the fuel was used, the launch blew up...And it could happen again.

4. The Human Factor
(Director: Mario Azzopardi. Writer: John Considine.)
RoboCop teams up with his unsuspecting father, a retired police captain, to stop an insane bomber from unleashing a campaign of terror against OCP that could end in nuclear Armageddon.

5. Inside Crime
(Director: Mike Vejar.)
The hideous face of Pudface Morgan pulls in huge ratings for OCP’s new hit reality show that follows the exploits of criminals. The disfigured maniac master plan is to take on RoboCop live on prime time.

Disc 4

1 . RoboCop vs Commander Cash
(Director: Allan Eastman. Writers: Pamela Hickey, Denny McCoy.)
Children are rioting and stealing all over Old Detroit as RoboCop faces his most formidable opponent, a delusional man who believes he’s the real live version of OCP’s super hero, Commander Cash.

2 . Illusions
(Director: Tim Bond. Writer: Bob Hoskins.)
RoboCop guards the chairman of OCP against a mysterious assassin, while Madigan falls under the romantic spell of a handsome, young magician who might be the murderer.

3 . Tin Man
(Director: Allan Eastman. Writers: Pamela Hickey, Dennis McCoy.)
As armed ice cream trucks and lunch catering vans wage a gang war for control of illegal gambling and Gadget falls victim to Lotto fever, the past haunts RoboCop when an ex-partner returns as a gang-busting vigilante.

4 . Sisters in Crime
(Director: Mario Azzopardi. Writer: Diane Shah.)
A group of radical feminists kidnap the chairman of OCP to protest his misogynistic attitude. They force his to perform menial tasks such as cleaning, washing and ironing.

5 . Heartbreakers
(Director: Mike Vejar. Writer: Alison Bingeman.)
It’s love at first “byte” when Lippencott enters virtual reality and falls for Diana Powers, while RoboCop is blackmailed into stealing a top secret weapon that can literally break hearts.

Disc 5

1 . Mother’s Day
(Director: Allan Eastman. Writer: John Sheppard.)
The trade war between the United States and Russia is heating up, and crime boss Vlad “Stitch” Molotov is taking advantage to make a fortune smuggling in illegal Russian caviar. Vlad kidnaps Sally, and it’s up to RoboCop to find her before it’s too late.

2 . Nanno
(Director: Mike Vejar. Writers: Mary Crawford, Alan Templeton.)
A scientist if forced into using Nanomachines to infect Metronet. Although RoboCop is busy trying to find whomever is responsible for almost killing Officer Madigan, he must also stop the infected computers from ripping off the Internal Revenue Service.

3 . Corporate Raiders
(Director: T.J. Scott. Writers: Pamela Hickey, Denny McCoy.)
RoboCop and Officer Madigan have their hands full trying to track down a mysterious gang of high-tech bandits known as the Corporate Raiders who are literally making a killing on the stock market.

4 . Public Enemies One
(Director: Mike Vejar. Writer: Bill Gray.)
RoboCop faces a criminal trifecta when evil genius Dr. Mallardo combines forces with hyper-criminal Pudface Morgan and ruthless business man Chip Chayken to pull off the crime of the century: assassinating the President of the United States.

5 . Midnight Minus
(Director: J. Miles Dales. Writers: Mary Crawford, Alan Templton.)
RoboCop and Office Madigan race the clock to prove a killer is innocent before he’s executed in front of millions of viewers on a hit television show.