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Super Rare Electric Blues, '60s Era

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50 song, 2-CD collection of the greatest electrified blues music from the 1960s.

2-CD Collection 

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Great blues collections have been available since the early days of vinyl. Back in the early 1960s, labels began recognizing how popular blues was becoming. There was a rediscovery of the genre going on, mainly because of the folk movement and British blues bands were covering artists such as Skip James, Muddy Waters, Elmore James and others. For this collection we focus on the unsung heroes of electric blues that were pressed on small labels. Many of these highly collectible 45s packed a wallop as there were no limitations. Loud and brash, these songs and instrumentals were powerful. It is still perplexing how players such as Lafayette Thomas, Jimmy Nolen, Jimmy Spruill (lead guitarist on Wibert Harrison’s version of “Kansas City”) could go so unrecognized. There was such simplicity and power in many of these recordings that they become part of the “oral tradition” in the blues genre. Check out Ike Turner as Icky Renrut (Turner spelled backwards), and the early Lonnie Brooks “Mr. Hot Shot.”

Many of these blues sides are up tempo, and rockin’. Unabashed, they incorporated some of the best elements of rhythm & blues but with a driving electric sound. On each of these, the guitar is upfront, not merely used as a rhythm influence. So many blues players today try and capture this sound, but to my ears no one has done it yet. Check out Prince Charles’ “Come On Home.” It sounds deceptively simple, yet many players forget that the spaces between the notes are as important as the ones you play. I am sure there is someone who knows more about Henry Artis & The Nitehawks. On some of the labels, the guitarist is listed and on others, it is hard to know. Consider this collection your introduction to the genre and make some new discoveries. If RockBeat ever decides to issue a Volume 2, we would like to hear from you. Send us a song suggestion….something on an indie label with a guitarist that you feel should be heard. If you have information, include it on the player as well. Email us at:

For now, dig the blues. There is a lot more where this comes from.



  1. Ho Ho (Icky Renrut)
  2. Hard Grind (Wild Jimmy Spruill) 
  3. Rock With Me Bab (Juke Boy Bonner )
  4. The Thing (Lafayette “Thing” Thomas with Al Price Orchestra) 
  5. She’s My Baby (Flash Terry Stompin’)
  6. I Believe In A Woman (Sly Williams)
  7. Squeezing 2:25 (Piano Slim)
  8. I Ain’t Botherin’ Nobody (Guitar Tommy Moore)
  9. Behind The Sun (The Rocking Brothers Hogani)
  10. Ways Of A Man (Guitar Shorty)
  11. Weekly Blues (Lafayette “Thing” Thomas)
  12. One Nighter Blues (Johnny Otis featuring Pete “Guitar” Lewis Otis)
  13. I`m Leaving You (Bob Reed and his Band)
  14. In The Wee Wee Hours (Joe Liggins & His Honeydrippers)
  15. Let’s Go Smitty (Floyd Dixion featuring Johnny “Guitar” Watson Dixon)
  16. Brick (Johnny Morrisette) 
  17. Cubano Jump (Ike Turner)
  18. Lafayette`s A-Coming (Lafayette Thomas)
  19. Party Stomp (The Egyptians)
  20. You Don’t Love Me (Willie Cobbs)
  21. Congo Mombo (Muvva “Guitar” Hubbard and the Stompers)
  22. Scarred Knees (Little Miss Janice)
  23. Walkin’ (Charlie Lucas Combo)
  24. Blues for the Brothers (Johnny Jones & The King Casuals)
  25. Changing Times (Cliff Driver & His Drivers)


  1. Tricky (Gus Jinkins and Orchestra)
  2. Boogie Children (John Fred And His Playboy Band)
  3. You Sure Can’t Do (Buddy Guy and his Band)
  4. Did You Ever Love Somebody (That Didn’t Love You) (Davy” Crockett)
  5. Midnight In The Barrel House (Johnny Otis Orchestra feat. Pete ‘’Guitar’’ Lewis)
  6. Boot Hill (Sly Williams)
  7. This Is The End (Buddy Guy and his Band )
  8. All Last Night (George Smith)
  9. Your Car Machine (Guitar Tommy Moore)
  10. Cockroach Run (Lafayette Thomas)
  11. St. Louis Sunset Twist (Benny Sharp & His Orchestra)
  12. Mr. Hot Shot (Lonnie Brooks Baker)
  13. Come On Home 2:35 (Prince Charles)
  14. I’ve Got The Blues So Bad (Henry Artis & The Nitehawks)
  15. Since My Baby Hit The Numbers (Guitar Crusher featuring Jimmy Spruill Orchestra)
  16. Wild Moments (Earl Hooker)
  17. Jack Rabbit (Icky Renrut vocal by Jimmy Thomas)
  18. High Sailing (Claude And The Hightones)
  19. Midnight Hours (Larry Dale featuring Mickey Baker & Champion Jack Dupree)
  20. Washboard (The Poor Boys)
  21. Tarzan (Artie Wilson)
  22. Set A Date (Homesick James)
  23. Pleadin’ Mercy Baby (Jimmy Mullins)
  24. Nothing But Love (Bobo Jenkins)
  25. Endless Sleep (Jimmy Witherspoon)