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Halloween Nuggets

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The ultimate Halloween-themed novelty rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack featuring witches, ghouls, teenage monsters, graveyards, haunted houses, devils, ghosts, and zombies. Most of the selections are vintage sides from the 1960s, rounded out by a witch’s fistful of rare ‘50s cuts. Plus, also included here are rare audio of three classic horror movie trailers.




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1. I Was a Teenage Monster
The Keytones

2. Witch Queen of New Orleans
Ervinna & The Stylers

3. Vampira
Bobby Bare

4. Jekyll and Hyde
Jim Burgett

5. Plan 9 From Outer Space

6. The Invasion Is Coming
The Invasion

7. It
Johnny Fraser & the Regalaires

8. Rockin’ in the Graveyard
Jackie Morningstar

9. Graveyard
The Phantom Five

10. Devil Driver’s Theme
The Vettes

11. House on Haunted Hill
Kenny & The Fiends

12. Strolling After Dark
The Shades

13. Jack the Ripper
The Elites

14. Graveyard Stomp
Billy Ghoulston

15. The Blob
Movie trailer

16. Marble Orchard
The Graveyard Five

17. Night of the Sadist
Larry & the Blue Notes

18. Black Magic
Jericho Jones

19. Ghost A’ Go-Go
Richard Rome

20. Mummy Walk (Walking Death)
The Contrails

21. Creature from the Black Lagoon