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The Psycho Sisters: Up on the Chair, Beatrice

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The 10-track set is filled with originals written by the sisters along with Peter Holsapple of the db's song "What Do You Want From me" and Harry Nilsson's Monkees track, ""Cuddly Toy."


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Track List:

  1. Heather Says
  2. Timberline
  3. Never Never Boys
  4. Numb
  5. Gone Fishin'
  6. The Painting
  7. Fun To Lie
  8. What Do You Want
  9. Wish You
  10. Cuddly Toy

Susan Cowsill (the Cowsills) and Vicki Peterson (the Bangles) wrote and toured together in the mid-90s as the Psycho Sisters, but when Peterson returned to performing with the Bangles and Cowsill launched a solo career, they left behind only a rare single of "Timberline" and a few concert memories. Two decades later, the pair found coincidental breaks in their schedules and wound the clock back to 1992 with this debut album composed of seven originals written during the years of their initial collaboration, a trio of cover, and a booklet illustrated with period photos.

A must have for fans of the Bangles and Cowsills.

Susan Cowsill-Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion
Vicki Petersen-Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Percussion
Derrick Anderson-Bass
Russ Broussard-Drums, Percussion
John Cowsill-Drums, Percussion
Jack Craft-Cello
Sam Craft-Violin
Tony Daigle-Percussion
Janson Lohmeyer-Piano, Organ, Accordion
Steve & Wishy Mails-Guest Vocals