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The Baby Boom Years: 1952

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The definitive collection of 1950s American music, news, fashion, fads and kitsch that continues to influence the world.

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  • Roseanne Barr
  • David Byrne
  • Clive Barker
  • Joe Strummer


  • John Cage challenges the definition of music with his “silent” piece, 4’33’ performed without playing a single note!
  • Sun Records begins operations.


  • Skirts become narrower.
  • Tiaras become anevening wear jewelry fad.
  • The stole is this year’s most popular yearround accessory.


  • Rocky Marciano KO’s Jersey Joe Walcott to become World Heavyweight Champion.
  • 1952 Summer Olympics takes place in Helsinki, Finland
  • World Series – N.Y. Yankees win 4 games to 3 over the Brooklyn Dodgers


  • Elizabeth II becomes Queen of the Commonwealth upon the death of her father George VI.
  • China begins its first Five-Year Plan drive to industrialization.
  • The world’s first nuclear accident occurs near Ottawa, Canada.


  • George Jorgensen, Jr. became the first person ever to do what in 1952?

a. Receive an artificial heart b. Receive a kidney transplant c. Get sex reassignment surgery d. Swim across the English Channel

  • This timeless perennial seemed destined to become a forgotten cereal premium, had it not been for the advent of television. Acknowledged as the first toy advertised on TV, the exposure resulted in over $4 million sales in its first year! Identify the legendary toy, introduced in 1952, which defied mothers’ scolding, instead encouraging children to express their imagination by playing with their food.
  • Which hotel chain was launched in 1952 to rectify its founder’s road trip disappointment in the quality and consistency of roadside motels of the era?

a. Ramada Inn b. Best Western c. Holiday Inn d. Days Inn


  • Eva Peron
  • Curly Howard
  • Uncle Dave Macon
  • John Garfield

Billboard Top 10 Pop Hits

  1. Unforgettable — Nat King Cole
  2. Blues In the Night — Rosemary Clooney
  3. High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me) —Frankie Lane
  4. You Belong To Me — Jo Stafford
  5. It’s In The Book — Johnny Standley
  6. A Guy Is A Guy — Doris Day
  7. Please, Mister Sun — Johnny Ray
  8. Wheel of Fortune — Kay Starr
  9. Heart and Soul — Four Aces
  10. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — Guy Mitchell