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The Fergusons

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They like their neighbors...medium rare!

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Suburbia will never be the same after a family moves in next door with special “tastes” in neighbors, especially for those who try to step on them. Then it’s time to take out the trash, which they merrily do. In fact, they love take-out! 

Blissfully square Ed Ferguson and his family are “goody-types,” easy targets for jealous neighbors, crooks and vandals. People take advantage of their generous nature and walk over them, but they’re a cheerful bunch and can’t be bothered. Oh sure, those pesky neighbors are slaughtered in short order and even get served up as “just desserts,” but they’re killed with no hard feelings ... 

This family doesn’t get mad, they just get full! Keith Singleton writes,
directs and stars in this twisted take on consumerism with the question - consumption
be done about it?

DVD features include theatrical trailer and deleted scenes.