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Escape From Sobibor

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Starring Alan Arkin, Rutger Hauer and Joanna Pacula.

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Prisoners of Poland’s most ruthless WWII death camp, Sobibor, where eventually 250,000 Jews would perish, watch traincars of their brethren arrive and be sorted like cattle. Those with skills are sent to barracks, the rest to the gas chambers. Leon Feldhendler (Alan Arkin, Spenser Confidential, Argo) knows once these trains stop coming, Sobibor and it’s prisoners will have outlived their usefulness.
Leon hatches an escape plan with newly arrived Soviet Army leader Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pechersky (Rutger Hauer, Bladerunner, Blind Fury). Knowing their deaths are inevitable, either by bullets, mines or poison gas (more will die than survive), it’s better to die fighting than at the sadistic hands of the camp’s commandent, Gustav Wagner (Hartmut Becker).