American Metal: Classic Car Commercials

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The greatest vintage car commercials DVD.

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Cars are a time capsule on four wheels. They reflect a culture’s style, technology, economic health, fears and desires. American Metal covers this country’s golden age of automobile lust, beginning around WWII and ending in the ‘70s.

This is when cars were made in America, GIs were coming home to start families, rock ’n roll was here to stay and advertising was revving up with each change.

  • The introduction of Chevrolet’s “high fashion” fenders (now called wings)
  • A Corvair commercial entitled “Corvair In Action” that touts its nimble handling and crash test success
  • Chrysler Imperial becoming the first car to replace their tube radios with Philco’s new transistor version
  • Plymouth’s innovative “Easy-Exit” seat
  • How America’s space race with Russia effecting car names and style—Galaxy, Thunderbird and Falcon
  • The introduction of a car whose longevity and sales will never be matched, the 1965 Mustang 2+2
  • Mercury taking aim at the male-dominated market with their Cougar, “A man’s car that is top cat!”

American Metal is a lot of fun!