Handsome Dick Manitoba: Born In The Bronx

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Richard "Handsome Dick" Manitoba is an American punk rock singer and radio personality, best known as the lead singer of New York City-based band the Dictators.

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“Handsome Dick Manitoba is a legend and a stand up guy and it’s about damn time he made a solo record! Crank it.”
-Tom Morello

“Born in the Bronx embodies the spirit and the mood of the original punk music I fell in love with”
-Kenny Laguna

”Handsome Dick is the quintessential voice of New York, its beating heart, brash sense of humor, with the ability to be heard over the roar of a great metropolis. His music celebrates the city’s irrepressible energy and renewal, a great rocker and holy roller“
-Lenny Kaye

Track List:

  1. Shelley
  2. Back to My TV
  3. Eve of Destruction
  4. Surfside
  5. The Cooker & the Hit
  6. Big Army Brass
  7. Layers Down
  8. Callie May
  9. Thicker Than Blood
  10. Magenta Street
  11. 8th Avenue Serenade
  12. Soul Punk King of NYC
  13. Born in the Bronx
  • Lead vocals: Handsome Dick Manitoba
  • Backing vocals: Harry Stinson, Beth Hooker, Chuck Mead, Buddy Miller, Donte MiShawn, P.F. Sloan
  • Guitars, Tenor Saxophone, Organ, Piano, Percussion, Backing Vocals: Jon Tiven
  • Bass: Sally Tiven
  • Percussion: Shannon Pollard (“Big Army Brass,” “Born in the Bronx,” “8th Ave Serenade”)
  • Mandocello (“Eve of Destruction”): Buddy Miller
  • Drums: Simon Kirke*; Mickey Curry**
  • Additional drummers: (“Eve of Destruction”) Shannon Pollard; (“Cooker & the Hit”) Matt Reale; (“Big Army Brass”) Louie Appel; (“Layers Down”) Todd Snare; (“Back To My TV”) Michael Shrieve; (“Soul Punk King”) Darrell Peyton