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Kim Fowley: In Deutschland

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Kim Fowley co-wrote songs with KISS, Alice Cooper, Helen Reddy, and helped form all-girl rock band, The Runaways.


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My entire reason for the performances on this album are: The Sheer Joy Of Being Stupid In Public, Being Horrible, Sloppy, Non-commercial, Garage Quality, Mister Bad Taste/Self-Indulgent On An Ugly Level. I sell you Torment, Crap, Lost Dreams and The Art Of Doing Nothing Well. This product is designed for Loud, Drunken, Stoned-Out Party Events. Also good for Weird Sex Encounters. Stay safe: Sex Crew, Brew You and Drugstore Cowboys. The album will make the Lost and the Lonely feel Technicolor Joy in their empty rooms. Drivers and Skaters: Turn it up! Future Freaks: Don’t just sit there. Go find a bunch of friends, fiends, enemies and strangers and DO IT YOURSELF! Make, fake and take your own music to the people. Riot Girrls, Riot Gurls, Riot Girlz: Change the world!

Hollywood, U.S.A.