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Moses, The Lawgiver

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2 -DVD Set. 
He led his people on an exodus from Egypt’s tyrranical grip
Starring Burt Lancaster as Moses, Anthony Quayle as Aaron, Ingrid Thulin as Miriam, Irene Papas as Zipporah, Aharon Ipale as Joshua, Juan Selva as Saul
“Moses Theme” composed by Ennio Morricone.

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A spectacular story produced with an all-star cast including Burt Lancaster as Moses, Anthony Quayle as Aaron, Ingrid Thulin as Miriam, Irene Papas as Zipporah and narrated by Richard Johnson. This timeless biblical tale deals with Moses, the Hebrew lawgiver, an extraordinary man who receives a holy calling, and follows his life from birth, abandonment, slavery and trials in leading the Jews through the Holy Land, leading the them out of Egypt.
When Moses’ Hebrew origin is revealed, he’s cast out of Egypt and wanders across the desert. Returning to Egypt, Moses along with his brother Aaron, confront Pharaoh Mernefta, asking him to liberate the Jews but he refuses, causing God to inflict the seven plagues on the Egyptians. Finally, Moses climbs the Mount of Sinai bringing down the holy tablets.
This earthy and realistic film is shot on location in Israel’s Negev Desert and Morocco. Anyone that loves the Bible or just appreciates a well produced historical piece will appreciate the production, and Ennio Morricone evocative musical score.