415 Records: Disturbing The Peace


The ‘Still Disturbing The Peace’ compact disc compilation is the first to feature releases from 415 that have not been available in 40 years. It will offer a first hearing for some, and a familiar revisit for others, of music as stylistically varied as stripped-down primal punk, to lushly orchestrated electronica. It speaks of the remarkably ecumenical platform 415 provided for a city awash in sonic options. That the same label could offer The Nuns’ painfully rueful and eerily contemporary “Suicide Child” and the VKTMs unvarnished, in-your-face “No Long Goodbyes” alongside the synth-driven, urban minimalist sophistication of the Unit’s “High Pressure Days” and the societal commentary comically camouflaged in reggae that is the Pop-O-Pies “The Catholics Are Attacking,” is a tribute to the appetites of the audiences of the era, along with what the industry calls the “ears” of 415’s A&R.

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